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Introduction to Use Cases

This one day course provides a comprehensive introduction to Use Cases and a step by step approach to creating a detailed set of specifications. The course provides a simple process for identifying use cases, creating early drafts that are readily understood and subsequently detailed to provide a comprehensive specification.

Course Overview

Use cases are a de facto standard for the specification of detailed requirements and provide the glue between specifying user interaction with the system, the definition of system entities and their behaviour and the screens that users interact with.

This one day introduction provides a simple approach to identifying, elaborating and detailing use cases as a detailed specification for a system.

Key Outcomes

Participants on this course will learn:

  • The role that use cases play in detailed specifications for a software solution
  • How use cases can be used by developers, testers, trainers and technical writers
  • How to identify use cases
  • How to 'draft' a use case in a simple evolving form that allows easy elaboration with business stakeholders
  • How the use case supports the development of the specifications for system entities
  • How to detail a use case

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Course Outline

This course consists of the following modules.

Use Case Fundamentals

This module introduces use cases and the role in specifying software solutions. The module addresses the timing for the development of the use case model and the detailing of the use cases in traditional (waterfall) or iterative projects.

The role of the use case is also explored from the perspective of the various stakeholder groups who rely on the use case as a specification.

Identifying Use Cases

The second module sets a firm foundation by exploring in detail the development of the use case model by identifying actors who represent users and systems that are part of the overall project scope. Participants will learn how to refine user goals and how to represent these in a UML use case model.  

Outlining Use Cases

In this module, participants learn the distinction between scenarios and the different types of flows within a use case. A simple process to develop this level of detail and to elaborate the flows with users is presented. Working with the flows participants also learn how to evolve a domain model of system objects and their behaviour.

Detailing the Use Case

The last module addresses the detail of the use case and teaches participants how to specify use case steps and the purpose of use case elements such as triggers, extension points, special requirements and pre and post conditions and the important role they play. The module focuses on the textual specification of the use case and ways to ensure the integrity of the detail across the full set of use cases in the use case model.

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Fees and Deliverables

Course Deliverables

Participants in this course will receive:

  • One day of instructor led training and exercises
  • A 120 page Course Manual
  • Access to the online eLearning FAQ

Course Prerequisites


Course Fees

Inquire now to learn more about this course and how it will help. Fees are available for:

  • Public course participation
  • Team Training. We specialize in onsite training and frequently tailor this course for project teams.

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